• If you are new to sales, then you cannot do better than learn the basics from Mike and his no nonsense straight forward approach to closing deals -Paul Yewdall,St James's Place, Wealth Management
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    Foundation Selling

    This tailorable course is designed for people new to Sales, whether at the beginning of their chosen career or perhaps a professional in another discipline wishing to make a career change. 

    The world of Sales is no longer regarded as a secret society deploying a set of mysterious skills, for those disposed to 'shoot from the hip' and befriend buyers with the 'gift of the gab'. It is now widely accepted that like any other professional business discipline there is a set of fundamental best practices which if followed as a proven process, will enable sales persons and their organisation to achieve a faster and better Sales outcome.

    The course is designed to provide the candidates with awareness and a focused approach to Closing via a number of foundation and consultative Sales processes which in turn provide confidence and tenacity to their work ethic.
    • What is the function of Sales? What is Sales-ing v Selling and Closing?
    • Selling as a process, from Enquiry, Opportunity Identification to Closing.
    • Prospecting for Gold. Key ratios in the numbers game. 
    • Obtaining leads and Making an appointment.
    • The importance of Opportunity Qualification
    • Construction of an effective Face to Face call and achieving objectives.
    • Questioning Techniques
    • Discovering Needs and Cost justification, understanding P=R-C
    • Understanding the buying process and individuals needs within.
    • Closure plans.
    • Objection Handling
    • Negotiation basics.
    • Closing the deal cleanly.
    • Life after the sale.
    The course draws on numerous real life scenarios, includes team practice and role plays and can include, depending on the candidates interest and needs, related topics such as;-
    • Telephone cold calling techniques, and writing effective prospecting letters.
    • Territory management and /or Major account coverage
    • Writing compelling Proposals and responses to formal RFI/RFP's
    • Pipeline management

    Upon completion, Candidates will fully understand their role, and confidently hunt for business which in turn is thoroughly qualified before pursuing. By achieving productive face to face calls, agreeing steps to closure and handling objections and negotiations in a professional manner, their hit rate will lead to a better outcome, and on a sustainable and repeatable basis.

    Investing in a Foundation Selling course is the first step to building a successful Consultative Sales Career for an individual for perhaps the next 20, 30 or even 40 years! For the organisation, the candidate will usually repay the course fee within the first few sales, which are successfully closed.