• Mike's all round business skills are well placed to advise non-Sales Managers on how they can successfully work together to achieve better revenue results and satisfied customers
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    Fundamental Sales Culture

    It may be an intellectual debate of importance ranking between board members, accountants, engineers, technical department, production managers, and administrators and so on, but without a Sale, and therefore a Salesperson or Salespersons responsible for selling a product or service actively, and achieving that task on a repeatable basis to generate revenue, there is no commercial company.

    The most successful companies in the world embrace a sales culture designed to satisfy their customers and their customer’s customers’ business needs. To achieve this culture each discipline within the organisation must be customer focused and importantly key managers aware of the Sales role and why its success is ultimately the success of the company.

    This short course or one to one is designed to help Managers not in the Sales function, understand how a Sales Culture and one of multi –discipline cooperation can be, and should be built to achieve a better revenue outcome.

    The course agenda can be tailored in both content and length to suit individuals and the organisations needs but generally can cover some or all of the following key areas;-

    • What is the function, and responsibilities of Sales?
    • What is our Target Market, and how do we find Prospects?
    • What is the Sales Funnel and how do Sales manage it?
    • How can we help train New Sales recruits or experienced new hires
    • What is the Sales Process and Steps within our Organisation?
    • What is meant by Qualification? How can other disciplines help here?
    • How can other disciplines help the Sales Review?
    • How not to Kill the Sale
    • The importance of a clean Sale, to Finance, Production, Installation Team, Servicing ,and so on.
    • Building bridges and Open Communication between Sales and other disciplines.
    • Creating a company wide Sales culture focused on Customer needs.

    Candidates from non sales discipline backgrounds will understand the role of sales, its processes, and how other disciplines can work together with sales to achieve a better revenue outcome for the organisation.